le voisin / neighbor

May 10, 2007


neighbor troglodyte mignon

le roi des champignons / king of fungi

January 30, 2007

roi des champignons - king of fungi

Sprouting new life out of his head / King of the recyclers of the dead

Les champignons recycleurs des morts / Poussent sur sa tête sans effort

du nouveau sur Troglodyte Mignon

January 15, 2007


Eh oui, le minuscule troglodyte mignon va désormais chanter aussi en français. Une traduction anglaise restera aussi offerte (suivant la disponibilité des stocks de paresse du dit oiseau) pour nos spectateurs à la tête légèrement plus anguleuse.
/ From now on, the tiny bird will sing its mighty song in French language. An english translation will still be available for our worldwide readers (depending on our bird’s current level of laziness.)


January 10, 2007


comment devenir éternel avec les clones

January 1, 2007

phoenix clone troglodyte mignon
* ”Tel qu’indiqué dans le testament de Mr. Frank son propre clone fut celui qui, en 2013, procéda à son euthanasie.”
Un truc rapide sur le thème ”phoenix” pour Illustration Friday, juste pour prouver que je suis toujours en vie! Bon 2007 à tous… / Quick one for illustration friday to prove i am indeed still very alive!
Happy 2007 to everyone…

new Keudejap

December 3, 2006

anatomy lesson with Dr Keudejap - troglodyte mignon - from Rembrandt
see it in full glory here

Dr Van Keudejap rides again

November 28, 2006

new Dr. Van Keudejap posted..


Dr. Van Keudejap going solo

November 25, 2006

YES! From now on all ”Dr. Van Keudejap” episodes will be presented on Dr Van Keudejap’s own site for your viewing pleasure. Every latest piece will be previewed here before moving to its own home, and all Dr Van K. material currently here should eventually be moving over there.

Caravaggio random panel

November 19, 2006

Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio (29 September 1571 – 18 July 1610) was an Italian artist active in Rome, Naples, Malta and Sicily between 1593 and 1610. He is commonly placed in the Baroque school, of which he was the first great representative.
quickly put together with LCP