portraits taken instantaneously

  troglodyte mignon illustration - nancy carreiro
Illustration Friday…theme: portrait


11 Responses to portraits taken instantaneously

  1. constance says:

    I really like your style! Your techniques, the characters…I wish I could paint like you. I’m still very nervous, holding a paintbrush…Yours looks like you’ve done it so ‘leisurely’, without pressure…yet the effect is so good.

  2. mcaplan says:

    FABULOUS!!! I love your aesthetic! A great and playful solution!

  3. lu says:

    This is genial! the drawing, the color… I love all, wonderful work

  4. I love this style.Excellent.

  5. Liz Jones says:

    Wow!! Wacky!

  6. Wonderful portrait; what an interesting story

  7. Lucrezia says:

    Ah – Edgar Allen Poe meets Todd Browning… Striking image.

  8. charlie says:

    You’ve got a very personal and distinctive style! It is both funny and serious… greetings! Keep the good work!

  9. Nice style and very funny. Love it.

  10. silent james says:

    You made me laugh, and type this: “HA!” Good job making me laugh. That reminds me of when those insect sounds were put into the New World…A Kind of Buzzing that deserves an award. Toady!
    ^ Male
    v Female
    I am Silent!

  11. Jayster says:

    A wonderful piece. I particulalry like the doctors eyes, but the stance of the ‘little troglodyte’ is brilliant too. very reminiscent of Todd Browning’s Freaks!

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