napalm BBQ – back in vietnam they thought i was normal


  troglodyte mignon illustration - nancy carreiro
Illustration Friday…theme: jungle



14 Responses to napalm BBQ – back in vietnam they thought i was normal

  1. sebastien says:

    wow troglodyte, tu te dépasse une fois encore !!!

  2. TonyLaRocca says:

    What sort of seasonings would you use with that? I mean, just a bit of pepper and garlic would accent the taste, I would think…

  3. Colonel Kurtz says:

    the horror…

  4. hartini says:

    I love the greens! :) But it sure is creepy looking at what he’s eating… eww. hahahaa! Great artwork though. :)

  5. Wicked! Love the guys expression as he tears into his dinner. Very scarey

  6. Wow!! Great work! And he has plenty of salad to go with the main course!

  7. constance says:

    This is creepy…like how he looks around while eating his er…meal….Great work as usual!

  8. aynaku says:

    excellent creepy humour…and great watrcolor technique!
    Thank you for visiting my blog

  9. Very creepy, yet the watercolor technique makes it seem serene. It takes a moment to realize what exactly he’s eating. Very original.

  10. arvindh says:

    this is gory – but conveys the atrocities of war

  11. lil kim says:

    ugh. ouch. aiee. but great illo.

  12. cristosova says:

    The hardcore reality of another life before. Or still? Its a piece to shudder to, but what a wonderful color composition. Horror humor ;)

  13. your illustration is great… kinda sick to look at… but in a good way… oh the humanity…

  14. Ytay says:

    Like the content. Will check back to read updates.

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