i love you

  troglodyte mignon illustration - nancy carreiro - i love you


18 Responses to i love you

  1. David says:

    Jeepers you have a wonderful style. Very beautiful, and dark.

  2. absolutely beautiful. great concept, wonderful execution!

  3. LIzzie says:

    This is awe-inspiring. It makes me want to go out and learn to draw. It is beautifully simple and completely complex at the same time. It makes you believe that there is someone out there for you. It is dark and light at the sametime. extrenely creative. Really perfect execution with wind and leaves.

  4. constance says:

    oh! So Beautiful! I love this!

  5. Charles says:

    Grand. I enjoy your work very much. It’s like that fourth drink you want to finish but can’t, cause your body is telling you to stop but you’re eyein this swell lady around the side and you figure it’s time to stop marinating on this stool and time to start grilling.

  6. I enjoy your work. Your watercolors are very interesting.

  7. Amy Zaleski says:

    Romantic and quite sexy, I must say! you have a beautiful style ~ the softness is so compelling. Are your outlines in pen or pencil? Do you do them before or after applying the watercolor?

  8. So darkly but so beautiful, ilove !

  9. Amy: outlines are in pencil. I pencil then I fill in colors. I use to add pen in the end but I’m not good enough with inking so it ended up looking worse.

    thanks for all the great comments people…

  10. Teargas says:

    I am teargased.

  11. Wow this looks fantastic. I think pencil and watercolour drawings look fantastic. Do you have to use a kneadable rubber to lighten the pencil?

  12. ejjjik says:

    it’s perfect!

  13. Anthony: I don’t lighten it, I just try to use a light hand with a regular HB pencil.

  14. Sweet Pea says:

    Your artwork is always painted so beautifully:)

  15. Teargas says:

    One wonders why
    he seems not to be
    looking at her?

  16. Willie says:

    Were you inspired by the Bernini sculpture, by any chance?

  17. this is beautiful…i hadn’t seen this one yet

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