early portrait of a deeply troubled man

  troglodyte mignon illustration - nancy carreiro

A recently found portrait of the esteemed professor Van Keudejap, right before he got his greatest invention stolen from him.


4 Responses to early portrait of a deeply troubled man

  1. Teargas says:

    He got his big break in 1921, right before the unfortunate gramaphone incident, which brought him to Kenya, as part of the world famous Esternbech expedition. He finished his doctorate thesis in early 1924, though he had definitely eaten the Marquis’ donut some time during the previous winter. His life was, clearly, never the same.

  2. but how did the Marquis feel about getting his donut eaten??

  3. Teargas says:

    Pretty rotten, I’m told. For a weak there were headaches and some seriously worrisome nightmares surrounding the whole event. Some of it may be exageration of course.

  4. Larocque says:

    J’adore ce nouveau personnage. Where the hell did it came from? Peu importe je l’adodore. Je le malodore. Je le Maldoror. Je le chique et je le crache. And there he is. Looking at me with his evil eye. J’estrompe la phallope en pensant à lui. Il hante mes pires mets soupoudrés de bacon fumé. Il chie la chiasse. Il pue l’antidote à la dépression. Il renie mes origines. Je ne veux plus être un monstre humain. Je veux être comme lui. Un dessin.

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