Dr. Van Keudejap is working on the cure


  troglodyte mignon illustration - nancy carreiro
Above: Dr. Van Keudejap working round the clock on his much-copied perpetual motion uber machine. Even though modern-day human history commentators will disingenuously point to his nearly prodigious porto wine ingestion during his intensive search for the solution to the free energy problem, it definitely turned out to be the catalyst that did, at last, bring upon survival for our then-condemned wretched race on the face of this lonely planet.


10 Responses to Dr. Van Keudejap is working on the cure

  1. Teargas says:

    add then dumb: In late June, Keudejap expiremented with a new type of stelupolyhethericaphonym that brought about encouraging progress. He let the cat out, and made himself a turkey sandwich. Music filled the room, and he smiled to the béat.

  2. constance says:

    Dr. Van Keudejap? He’s a fictatious character or is he real? Anyway, I love this piece! The lightings, the messy stuff all around…everything. You’re really great with watercolours!

  3. Teargas says:

    He’s very real. Upon his death april 29th 1978 (at the ripe old age of 99) there were three thousand people marching at his funeral. He was reincarnated as a hawk, then a bear. He is currently spending most of his bear-time hunting and sleeping, but his human inventions make sure the Earth doesn’t fall out of its orbit every day of our lives.

  4. He’s real according to legend.

  5. Dion says:

    I love the madness/passion in his eye(s)…

  6. beautiful watercolor!!! what kind of paintbrush do you use?

  7. billy coutu says:

    …a paintbrush made out of butt hair.

  8. mmrtnt says:

    I’m really starting to like the good doctor.


  9. METOZ will be able to create A NEW KIND OF CLEAN ENERGY.
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    In the past I have made two models, which confirmed the legitimacy of my theoretical assumptions concerning the METOZ machine. I have got photographs.
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  10. Perpetual motion machines* (the latin term perpetuum mobile is not uncommon) are a class of hypothetical machines which would produce useful energy “from nowhere.” The existence of a perpetual motion machine is generally accepted as being impossible according to current known laws of physics. In particular, perpetual motion machines would violate either the first or second laws of thermodynamics. Perpetual motion machines are divided into two
    subcategories, referred to as perpetual motion of the first kind and perpetual motion of the second kind. There is a chance that the accepted laws of physics are wrong, but a lot of evidence is needed to regeneralize these.
    The conception of an energy is discreate one to the same as a imbecility. No one has seen the energy and no one has seen the imbecility. We are able to observe results of the energy and imbecility. At present we have got to few energy because we have got to much imbecility.

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