illustration friday quickie..


  troglodyte mignon illustration - nancy carreiro
the theme was ”sticky”


20 Responses to illustration friday quickie..

  1. Diane Duda says:

    Very good! Love their faces.

  2. chippamunkey says:

    hahaha! that’s hillarious! Great job!!

  3. dan gillotte says:

    Nice! I almost went with this approach. Nice job!

  4. constance says:

    This is really sooo funny! What a situation to be in…and the old lady doesn’t look sympathetic! Ha! Ha!

  5. Fantastic! I love the phone – nice touch!

  6. juliemc says:

    Great; just like in the “Christmas Story” movie!

  7. Amy says:

    Wow, great illustration! Very fresh idea, and very well done. Nice work! =)

  8. Bron Smith says:

    I like your bizarre style. A hilarious illustration.

  9. Scary, good take on the idea. Nice style, even if you think it was quick. It gives it a liveliness.

  10. Aaaaaaa! This is amazing!!!! What an unexpected take on ‘Sticky’!

    At first, I misread the pic… I didn’t notice her tongue stuck to the pole. I saw a panicking woman being approached by a mugger. I thought our protagonist was holding a can of mace labelled ‘help’. Then the penny dropped, and I laughed out loud.

    (In South Africa, mugging is a kinda everyday reality, so it’s WAY too easy to misread delightful illustrations in this way. Heheheheheehe. And we don’t have weather cold enough to stick tongues to poles.)

    Blue skies

    PS: My attempt at ‘Sticky’ is at:

  11. Zara says:

    Very funny and well drawn! The eyes are great.

  12. Alina says:

    OUCH!! That hurt!! Love the illo style!!

  13. baggelboy says:

    Very funny.
    And such lovely drawings.

  14. ejjjik says:

    it’s totally great!

  15. Willie says:

    Brilliant! Love her eyeballs. :-)

  16. cristosova says:

    Wicked fun! What was she thinking in the first place to lick that ol´ signpost? Her popping out eyeballs tell it all, I can even taste the ice-cold metal myself. Now, will the old Lady understand the situation and pull out her de-freezer?

  17. lil kim says:

    what a fantastic and hilarious illo! The phone is such a great touch. I like how you’ve left a lot of white in it – like snow. Can’t say I miss that type of weather…

  18. erika says:

    this is too funny. great to see a completely different take on the theme! gorgeous work.

  19. zilon says:

    wow!i like your style.

  20. Fiestoforo says:

    this is so comic

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