individuality is for young losers

an old couple walks down the street wearing ravishing aqua track suits. - troglodyte mignon illustration nancy carreiro

matching tracksuits for the extremely stylish and elderly


17 Responses to individuality is for young losers

  1. Oooooh….I like your style a lot. The colors look great!!! Very well done.

  2. Detlef says:

    great caricature style you hve.

  3. Puflet says:

    Wonderful stuff – really sensitive but strangely wicked style!

  4. Jake S says:

    Really nice, loose style – good stuff.

  5. L.Stern says:

    wonderful style, line, color. Very sensitive. They man’s eyes are really beautiful! I’m looking forward to seeing more or your work!

  6. ejjjik says:

    hahaha, this is hilarious!

  7. the enigma says:

    wow, what a great painting… i really like your style!!

  8. aynaku says:

    one more strong piece of yours…(the pair is beautifully portrayed)

  9. tammy hanna says:

    Absolutely wonderful, beautifully, sensitively portrayed. I love them.

  10. This is that kind of image that moves me, no matter how funny or tacky the matching outfits are.
    Well done.

  11. Maggie says:

    The aerobic outfits really set the mood of the piece. Nice touch!

  12. Lori says:

    Ha ha, I love their noses. Great job.

  13. dahlgirl says:

    excellent concept and attention to detail. love the couple’s faces (similar yet with their own quirks) and the stunning aqua tracksuits.

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