classic phobia

Little Bobbi-Jo Heather certainly regretted the time she decided to eat the Halloween goodies before her mommy checked them. (for Illustration friday- theme: phobia. relating to the old-school fear of finding razor blades and pins in your Halloween-bag apples.)


12 Responses to classic phobia

  1. lu*** says:

    I love your great style!

  2. the enigma says:

    disturbing but great watercolor.

  3. MrsB says:

    wonderful style!

  4. Wonderful watercolor! very vivid

  5. Lee says:

    LOLOL…love your sense of humor and style!

  6. dahlgirl says:

    so wonderfully dark. and the beautiful watercolor makes it even scarier.

  7. Tonje says:

    Disturbing, but great!

  8. lil kim says:

    ha. I always get a snigger in a sinister sort of way when I come here.

  9. hartini says:

    Creepy, yet very well illustrated. I love your style and the watercolor washes. :)

  10. Mindy Wilson says:

    Whew, glad I’m not the only one that had that same fear.

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