smitten panty lovers unite

smitten-b.jpg smitten panty lovers unite troglodyte mignon art

(illustration friday theme: smitten.)


16 Responses to smitten panty lovers unite

  1. kim says:

    HAAAA lol. love it

  2. studio lolo says:

    oh…good one!! Great illustration and hilarious concept!

  3. Cream says:

    Beautiful illo!!
    Looks like Tom Jones after a concert!!!

  4. kaitlin choi says:

    haha, very creepy yet amusing!

  5. lea says:


    i think i know that guy

  6. aynaku says:

    funny concept and excellent technique…you always amaze me!

  7. Oh, I love those lines and colour! You’re great as always!

  8. fredarpi says:

    Ralph Steadman when Mrs Steadman has gone to the movies. Great illustration!

  9. sebastien says:

    lol!! i know i guy who use to do that!!! beautiful…your work reminds me of edward sorel but better.keep on trucking!

  10. Michael says:

    Ha, how pervy and sentimental. Great illo!

  11. jeannette says:

    that’s so funny. great drawing & color. he looks completely euphoric

  12. silent james says:

    This reminds me of that time I watched that movie Titanic. Just kidding, I’d never see that movie. You make good.

  13. Damn damn damn damn damn damn. Double that set of damns!

    You’re one extremely awesome artist. Holy cow.

    Thanks for the brilliant slick-sick stuff you do! Yay!

    Blue skies

  14. lu*** says:

    Ja! you make me laugh,
    love your work


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