wind - troglodyte mignon

Picking posies with Miss Rosie/ Nosy Ozzy saw a new flower.


17 Responses to wind

  1. Very cool…great illo!

  2. studio lolo says:

    Okay…you have to pick me up off the floor!! Hilarious!!

  3. hee hee! I love your work!

  4. April says:

    i love your illo!!.. very nice!

  5. irisz says:

    i like your unique style!

  6. Mike says:

    Very good illustration. I love the colors.

  7. I have missed your images!! Great stuff!!

    Mindy Wilson

  8. Lee says:

    very funny as usual!! love the illustration :)

  9. lu*** says:

    your drawings are absolutely incredible, i admire you!

  10. ming says:

    looks like a monet painting

  11. dahlgirl says:

    gorgeous watercolor. wicked sense of humor. i like.

  12. flossy-p says:

    BBAAAHAHAHAHAAAA! What a great way to be educated.

    this one is perfect in every single way.

  13. cole says:

    I love your color in this one. Love it.

    Check me out…I finally! posted some of my husbands stuff. He paints/draws too but this is just some other stuff he does.

  14. cole says:

    You know, I still just love this one. Really. So great.

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