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L’oiseau connu sous le nom de Troglodyte Mignon vit à Montréal.
Ce blog est une collection de ses dessins et autres déjections fabriquées avec de l’aquarelle de basse qualité, du crayon à mine HB et Photoshop. / The bird known as Troglodyte Mignon lives in Montreal. This blog is a collection of her drawings and other ejections made of cheap watercolor, HB pencil and Photoshop.



15 Responses to qui / who

  1. mollycules says:

    my friend sent me a link to your work. i really like it.

  2. Kwhamec says:

    Some brilliant stuff here. Really, really love the decontextualization of the medium by the content.

  3. havagudun says:

    You have a good eye.I like it.thanks

  4. Fiestoforo says:

    Nice illos
    I really loved them
    Your my biggest favourite so far..

  5. Fiestoforo says:

    Me saco el sombrero!

  6. yourenodaisy says:

    I think your art is some of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen.
    Thank You. :)

  7. Harley says:

    I came to your site over artdorks. Brilliant! I very much enjoyed your whole site and look forward to updates.
    also, was excited to see you live in Montreal.
    I just moved here and and loving it!

  8. Mindy Wilson says:


    My you are so talented. I have placed a link about your I-FRI sumission for farm this week, on my blog. I hope you dont’ mind!


  9. Halo says:

    Thank you for allowing a few moments…I slipped away from reality to enter the world of your characters. Each has personality and a story. I could write one for each of your complicated people.

  10. Tigana says:

    Your work is wonderful! Great site, too. A votre succes!

  11. Brickgrrl says:

    You are completely fabulous!

  12. Nice work! And who could not love that name…

  13. salgood says:

    Hey, great stuff! Love the black humor, keep up the good work! are you going to expozine this year? see you there maybe.

  14. Geneviève says:

    Magnifique, intelligent, tordu… bravo et merci!

  15. Gino Caron says:

    J’aime beaucoup ce que tu fais!!

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