le roi des champignons / king of fungi

January 30, 2007

roi des champignons - king of fungi

Sprouting new life out of his head / King of the recyclers of the dead

Les champignons recycleurs des morts / Poussent sur sa tête sans effort


Bill Coward

October 15, 2006

bill coward troglodyte mignon art

prune juice

October 15, 2006

prune juice duchess of prunes troglodyte mignon art

smitten panty lovers unite

October 14, 2006

smitten-b.jpg smitten panty lovers unite troglodyte mignon art

(illustration friday theme: smitten.)


October 13, 2006

an emo future ? troglodyte mignon art

american apparel

September 29, 2006

those american apparel ads are really tired  troglodyte mignon art

random moment

September 29, 2006

random moment troglodyte mignon artwork