le voisin / neighbor

May 10, 2007


neighbor troglodyte mignon


le roi des champignons / king of fungi

January 30, 2007

roi des champignons - king of fungi

Sprouting new life out of his head / King of the recyclers of the dead

Les champignons recycleurs des morts / Poussent sur sa tête sans effort

comment devenir éternel avec les clones

January 1, 2007

phoenix clone troglodyte mignon
* ”Tel qu’indiqué dans le testament de Mr. Frank son propre clone fut celui qui, en 2013, procéda à son euthanasie.”
Un truc rapide sur le thème ”phoenix” pour Illustration Friday, juste pour prouver que je suis toujours en vie! Bon 2007 à tous… / Quick one for illustration friday to prove i am indeed still very alive!
Happy 2007 to everyone…


October 29, 2006

wind - troglodyte mignon

Picking posies with Miss Rosie/ Nosy Ozzy saw a new flower.

smitten panty lovers unite

October 14, 2006

smitten-b.jpg smitten panty lovers unite troglodyte mignon art

(illustration friday theme: smitten.)

classic phobia

September 24, 2006

Little Bobbi-Jo Heather certainly regretted the time she decided to eat the Halloween goodies before her mommy checked them. (for Illustration friday- theme: phobia. relating to the old-school fear of finding razor blades and pins in your Halloween-bag apples.)


September 24, 2006


from when I still used black ink. still appropriate for IF’s theme quiet.