Dr. Van Keudejap going solo

November 25, 2006

YES! From now on all ”Dr. Van Keudejap” episodes will be presented on Dr Van Keudejap’s own site for your viewing pleasure. Every latest piece will be previewed here before moving to its own home, and all Dr Van K. material currently here should eventually be moving over there.


Caravaggio random panel

November 19, 2006

Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio (29 September 1571 – 18 July 1610) was an Italian artist active in Rome, Naples, Malta and Sicily between 1593 and 1610. He is commonly placed in the Baroque school, of which he was the first great representative.
quickly put together with LCP

in the works

November 13, 2006


Faithful Troglodyte Mignon readers may have noticed the sparse amount of posts lately: it is because winter approaches, and a little bird must keep busy to keep warm. Gathering the few crumbs necessary to survival also takes up more time.
But the bird will prevail, and current project is a Caravaggio mini bio made in collaboration with eminent sequential-art house la Comédie Pathétique. Stay tuned…

Nosy Ozzy clears his mind with hand rolled smoothness and meets Dr Van Keudejap

November 12, 2006


Nothing pleases 9-year-old Nosy Ozzy more than a hand-rolled cigarette before his 11-hour shift as a successful senior paperboy. Its naturally smooth toasted taste helps him relax and clears his busy mind, making him forget the worries from his brutally miserable life. Especially after a long night spent getting drunk, playing cards and chasing women.
Such unholy carrousing was ironically familiar to the smelly old guy sitting next to him, who unbeknownst to him was the greatest genius Earth had ever known, reduced to play accordion in the street for added monies and publicity.


October 29, 2006

wind - troglodyte mignon

Picking posies with Miss Rosie/ Nosy Ozzy saw a new flower.

Bill Coward

October 15, 2006

bill coward troglodyte mignon art

prune juice

October 15, 2006

prune juice duchess of prunes troglodyte mignon art